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forums are back - FlavorFlav - 08-20-2013

ingram gave me the old mysql backup and i restored all forums.

please everybody check if everything works again.

new url is: http://www.raretrade.ru

the old url "http://www.bootlegs.su/board/" gets redirected to raretrade.ru, but the redirection from the url "http://www.bootlegs.su/board" without "/" fails. so everybody who still tries to access the board with the old url without the ending "/" will maybe not come back to this board.

maybe ingram can say more about this url trouble

forums are back - Ansem - 08-20-2013

Good to see the forum is back, thanks for all the effort. Smile
Maybe the best thing is to send an email to all users to say that the board is back on a new url.

forums are back - Reminho - 08-20-2013

second that, thanks a lot flavor, your work is much appreciated!

forums are back - norbinho - 08-20-2013

great Smile thanks a lot for your work, flavor!!

forums are back - JtR - 08-20-2013

Very cool! Thanks for bringing the forum back! Good work!

forums are back - FlavorFlav - 08-23-2013

redirection url "http://www.bootlegs.su/board" without "/" should work now, too