Script Integration Strategies

(only for version 1.0 and higher)

If you wanna use the phpRecDB script with your website, there are 2 different ways, to integrate the script into your homepage:

Internal Integration

This method is new since version 1.0.
The idea is, that all your page files are included into the phpRecDB theme folder (to be exact: included in a particular theme).

This has a big main advantage: you don't have to fight with different designs outside (->external integration) and inside (->theme) phpRecDB.
There is only one file (index.php) left outside the phpRecDB-folder. This file simply starts phpRecDB and setting the correct theme. Now the complete site is working inside this particular phpRecDB-theme.

You can see a example file structure on this picture:

External Integration

This is the old school way, like it was used in the old phpRecDB versions (from 0.1 to 0.9) exclusively.
You have files outside the phpRecDB-folder, which are calling phpRecDB-functions.

The problem with this way is, it is more complex to design a page , because you have to care about the design of the external pages outside phpRecDB and the files into the selected theme.
And another problem appears with the new feature, that phpRecDB supports several different themes: If you choose another theme, you have to update your external files, that they will suit to the new selected theme again.

You can see a example file structure on this picture: