Guide: New Installation

This guide explains how to set up a complete new phpRecDB script on your own webspace!
sorry for the german screenshots :-)

What requirements do i need for using phpRecDB?

- a webspace which supports MySQL and PHP 5
- knowledge how to use a ftp client
- knowledge how to use phpMyAdmin

step 1.

download and decompress the phpRecDB Script AND the phpRecDB database schema

step 2.

create a new MySQL database (for example 'phprecdb')

step 3.

open phpMyAdmin, select the new database and click on "import" and import the phpRecDB.sql into your database

step 4.

open the file dbConfig.php with a texteditor (for example notepad).
You can find this file in the folder phpRecDB/settings/.
In this file you must edit the database connection infos.
This step is important that the script can connect to the database.

The hostname you will find on the website of your webspace provider (in the most cases it is 'localhost')
Username and password are required for accessing the datebase.
the datebase name is the name of the database which you created in step 2.

step 5.

after editing the dbConfig.php file, you can upload the whole phpRecDB script to your webspace.
When everything is ok, now the demo application should run on your own webspace!

step 6.

there is write-permission required for this 3 folders on your webspace server:
  • phpRecDB/assets
  • phpRecDB/screenshots
  • phpRecDB/misc
ensure that all of this folders are writeable.
(Here is a guide how to set write permission with the ftp client FileZilla link.)

step 7.

open the demo site and switch to the adminstration panal, log in and change the default user password.